henry-pictures-201.jpgHey welcome to our blog.  Henry and I are so excited that you found us.  We are happy to have you here. Come in and make yourself comfortable.

You are going to find useful information on all sorts of topics including our focus FINANCIAL FREEDOM!!  Yeah baby.  We are so excited to be on this journey and getting the tools and skills to get out of the rat race!

We want to share those tools and skills with you because everyone deserves financial freedom.

So come along as we take this journey!

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Here is just a little background on us.

Henry was born in central Minnesota and grew up on a pig farm.  He learned how to work hard and watched his family struggle for every penny they had.  He watched them struggle with the price of pork and then watched as the market crashed and  his family was forced to file bankruptcy.

His family had to sell the farm and move into town.  There his parents went into foster care for disabled adults.  They had people living in their house and cared for them 24/7 for decades.  They made good money but had NO freedom what so ever.  They were tied to their home.

Henry had a dream early in his life that he was going to be a millionaire.  He tried lots of different business opportunities but never found the right one to drive him to that million dollar mark.

head-shotI was also born in central Minnesota and grew up in a business minded family.

My family had several businesses.  They ran an excavating company, plowed snow in the winter, and also had several rental properties.  So very early on I learned about business and unfortunately I learned several wrong ways to operate a business.

I had to watch my family file for bankruptcy in the early 1990’s because they were not able to get paid what they were truly worth.

When Henry and I met in 1997 we had no idea that our journey together would be so adventurous.  We have owned an apartment building and a 120 acre horse ranch, we rescued 2 baby tigers, we took care of developmentally disabled adults in our home, we traveled all around the US, and we have traded our time for money for years.

Right now we are utilizing a proven online marketing system to get us out of the “rat race” and into our Freedom!

This system pays out commissions of $1,250, $3,300, $5,000, and even $10,000.

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