WHY Do We Do It? WHY Succeed?

As I sit here at my computer for another endless hour to get our business up and running, I realize there is no “Staples Easy Button.”  I can’t hit a button on my desk and create all of the things I need to make our business a success.

Here is a hard fact; Creating a business is hard.  So then WHY do we do it and WHY do we work so hard?

Do you ever find yourself looking at some one and thinking “man they sure had it easy” “I wish I could have had that easy” or  “Wow they got everything handed to them.”

Have you ever stopped and asked that person or another successful person how “easy” it was to get where they are.

I have.  I asked, “How easy was it to get where you are today?”

The answers will probably surprise you.  The answers range from:  “This was never easy.  I had to fight the whole time.”  “Easy or difficult is irrelevant I had to succeed.” “I haven’t spoken the word Easy in years. This was not easy”  “I had moments where I wanted to quit” “Man it did not feel like this was ever going to work.”

So then I ask, “Why did you keep going when quitting would have been so much easier?”

Again I think the answers may surprise you.  “I couldn’t quit, my family was depending on me.” “Quitting was never a solution for me just another excuse.” “Quitting would not have been easier.” “Quitting would mean giving up on my dreams.”  “Quitting would have disappointed me and my family.”

Ok so if it was so difficult why did they keep going?  What drives people to succeed?   What drives a person to give up most things  and strive to do the impossible.

The answer?

It’s the WHY.  Yes I said it and I know it sounds crazy but keep reading.

The WHY drives them.

WHY do you want to succeed?  WHY do you want to be better?  WHY do you have to do this? WHY will your life be different?  WHY do you want your life to be different?  WHY is this important?  WHY do you want financial freedom?  WHY do you want to be debt free?  WHY do want to loose weight?  WHY do you want to be healthier?  WHY do you want to live longer?

It sounds like a small child forever asking but WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY?

But believe it or not those “WHYs” are the biggest motivators.  The bigger the WHYs the more stable and the more sound the WHY then the less likely a person is going to be shaken from what they started.

So as I sit here creating this business from scratch I remember my WHY.  I remember that all of my WHYs pooled together to create this need, desire and want to succeed.

So my challenge for you (as you take on your next personal trial, business venture, or weight loss goal) is to find your WHYs. The unshakable, strong, and immovable reasons WHY you want or need to succeed.  Write them down and refer back to them daily.

When the going gets tough hang on to the WHYs like a life line.  When you want to quit or think it is too much then remember your WHY.

Here’s to your freedom!!!!


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