Why is it so EXPENSIVE to eat healthy?

So Henry and I are getting back to eating right.  Eating more fruits and vegetables and less processed foods. Which is great for our bodies but not great on our wallets.

We recently went shopping and a normal food bill for us is around $100 to $150 for a week.  Well with all the healthy additions we ended up with a bill that was $349.65.  Talk about a shocker!!!!

Now this is not because of anything weird or extravagant.  We had fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy cuts of meat.

This is a real problem!

WHY is eating healthy is so expensive.  This is such a sad problem because there is so much obesity in America.

The average person can work 40 hours a week but after all the bills are paid there is very little left to buy food.  With the remaining money most find themselves stretching that budget by getting the least expensive things possible.

Ramen noodles, bread, lunchmeat….not really healthy choices.

very limited options.  Pay bills or eat healthy.  Some choice!

Which is another reason why we started searching for our financial freedom.

We want to have the option of eating healthy and paying our bills.

Find out more about the system we are using to attain financial freedom HERE.



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