“Just Eat Less And Exercise More!”

Every good business is a response to a problem.

Every good product is a response to a problem.

Every good strategy is a response to a problem.

The world is filled with problems. And it’s the entrepreneur’s job to solve them.

But for every problem…

-Lead generation
-Low conversion rates
-Unhappy customers
-Slow growth
-Being overworked

How can you tell if you have a GOOD solution?

Billionaire Manoj Bhargava has two criteria for great solutions:

(1) usefulness
(2) simple execution

If it’s a good solution, it’s going to be useful. It’s going to actually solve the problem. Produce the desired results. Effect the desired change.

But it ALSO has to be really easy to execute. That’s critical. If you have a great solution, but it’s really difficult to execute… then you don’t have a great solution!

It has to be super easy to carry out. You shouldn’t have to really think about it.

So for example: say your problem is that you’re overweight.

A bad solution (that people often give) is this:

Just eat less and exercise more!”

Sure, that may produce the desired results (be useful)… but if that’s all you got for a solution, there’s no way you’re gonna actually do it. You’ll fail, get discouraged, and will probably just gain more weight trying to console yourself.


Because your solution wasn’t easy to execute.

It has to be simple. Broken down into very doable, simple components.

So yes, MTTB is useful. It really helps you start a small business. Generate leads. Convert those leads. Make big commissions.

People using this system have generated over $44,000,000 in just a few short years. That’s usefulness right there.

But the real magic is in the simplicity. The easy execution. Which is why it’s worked so well. It’s a step by step system. Just focus on one step at a time, until you’ve completed the 21 steps.

By the end of it, you’ll have a business up and running. You’ll be earning big commissions.

A truly useful, simple solution.

So if you’re ready to solve all those nasty little problems involved in starting your own business, go here:

==> http://track.mobetrack.com/aff_c?offer_id=689&aff_id=1784525&aff_sub=blog

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