Why You Can Make Money Without Anything New

It’s no secret that people love to make sequels or prequels to popular stories.
Just look at Hollywood today.
But while you can complain all you want about a lack of original material in storytelling of any type there is a bigger problem you may not realize.
There are no original stories.
Not since the first cave man painted on walls has there been a completely original story. Because every story draws from the ones told before it in some way.
Whether is structure or a specific character trait it has all been done before in one way or another.
Don’t believe it?
Any story that has a main character who starts from humble beginnings and becomes rich in wisdom money or something else is following an already established structure that has been used time and time again.
And if you found a story that didn’t follow that structure at all chances are it would still draw from some other story from before.
If it’s true that there are no new stories then why are “new” stories still made? Why do people still pay when they know what is going to happen?
Because the system works.
Everyone knows that the hero of the story is going to win most of the time. But they still pay to read or see how they do win.
Because of natural curiosity.
It’s what makes people get excited about stories that have been told time and time again.
And it always works.
Just like Matt Lloyd’s MTTB system.
MTTB works on a simple and effective principle just like natural curiosity.
And that is that people get on the Internet.
MTTB works so well at making people money that if you don’t make a sales commission within 30 days of finishing your one-on-one training with a mentor then you will get your money back.
And then some.
You will get the $49 you give to join back times 10.
That’s a $500 bet between you and MTTB that you will make money using MTTB.
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