Did Thomas Edison HAVE To Fail?

Thomas Edison famously failed 1,000 times before he succeeded.
“And so,” it’s often said, “failure isn’t a bad thing. It’s necessary for success. All successful people failed at one point.”
True enough.
Statistically speaking, you’re going to experience failure in your life.
But that doesn’t mean you should go LOOKING for failure.
Or even that it’s always good.
Or even that it has to happen OFTEN.
If you can have success without failure… isn’t that preferable?
Instead of trying a dozen product ideas or business ideas before getting some traction…wouldn’t it be great if you could get it right after the 3rd try? Or even better, on the first try?
Well, maybe not.
It’s true, you shouldn’t make the mistake of trying to avoid failure like it’s the plague. Everyone fails. But you ALSO shouldn’t make the mistake of acting rashly before you have good information, and then stumbling around until you hit success by accident.
That’s not courage. That’s just stupid.
That’s asking for failure.
So how can you courageously pursue a bigger income, while at the same time minimizing failure?
Do small-scale test runs before you invest everything in a particular method.
Or, even better—if other people have already tested a method, check out their results.
If you’re looking for a way to make an income online that has real PROOF backing it, look no further.
Not only does MTTB encompass the wisdom of a man at the head of the fastest growing company in the home-business niche(MOBE has made over $80,000,000 in sales in just a few years).
MTTB is backed by numbers.
It’s generated over $38,000,000 in commissions for people who have used Matt Lloyd’s system.
Failing systems don’t generate $38,000,000 in sales.
If you want to hear first-hand from the people who have made that money, go here:
They’re not superheroes. They’re not demigods. They don’t have special powers.
They’re normal mothers, fathers, grandparents, and young adults. A lot like you. They have backgrounds in construction, teaching, engineering, health, IT, and in every other field you could think of.
Yet they’ve made $38,000,000 in commissions (Matt’s goal is to raise that number to $100,000,000 by the end of this year).
You’re not gonna find that kind of proof with similar systems.
So like I said, if proof is what you’re looking for, you can stop looking.
Here’s a method for building an online income that other people have tested—and that works:
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