Get Yourself Some Star Power

Now that Star Wars mania has been going on for a while here is something unbelievable.
Leonardo Di Caprio turned down the role of Anakin Skywalker in episodes 1-3!!
Maybe he saw an early sketch or Jar Jar Binks and decided that the prequel trilogy wouldn’t be for him.
But still that’s a hell of a job to pass up on. It’s like turning down the role of Harry Potter. Just look at how crazy people are going for Star Wars right.
So was it a fluke?
Di Caprio also turned down the role of Robin in Batman Forever.
Just another one of the greatest film franchises of all time that Di Caprio could have been a part of.
He also turned down the role of Spider-Man before Toby MacGuire took it.
Was Di Caprio wrong to turn down all these superstar roles?
Probably not considering one of those series was a huge disappointment and he is still one of the biggest stars in the world.
But what’s really important here is that he was able to turn down the roles. He could have more money than you and your neighbor will make in your lifetime combined with those roles.
But he didn’t.
Because he didn’t need the money.
Can you imagine that kind of power?
Being able to say, “Eh, I don’t need that million dollar paycheck.”
Power isn’t the ability to do something. It’s the ability do what you want.
And while few people will ever have the kind of power Di Caprio has you can have something like it.
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