Business advice From Star Wars

Even if you are not a Star Wars fan it’s impossible not to know that a new film is coming out.
Ever since Disney bought the franchise it was understood that the new film would be big. But Disney has taken marketing and advertising to a whole new level. They have done reverse product placement.
Normal product placement is when a company pays to have their product mentioned or seen in a film.
But as you can imagine it would be pretty noticeable if Han Solo drank Dunkin Donuts coffee while flying the Millennium Falcon or Luke Skywalker looked up directions on his iPhone.
So what did Disney do?


Instead of putting real life products into the film they have put characters and other elements of the film into real life products.
You’ve seen the Star Wars mac and cheese and toys before. But Disney went even further.
There is Star Wars make-up. Star Wars Crocs. Star Wars Coffee Creamer. Star Wars computers.
There is even fruit packaged in Star Wars bags.
There is so much Star Wars product out there that products that are trying to stand out with Star Wars branding are blending in.
You know that it worked.
But the success is not why you should care. You should care because Disney is taking a different approach.
And because of it Star Wars: The Force Awakens has earned over $2.0 Billion.
This movie made more than some countries do in year.
And not just because it is Star Wars. Because Disney took a different approach to marketing.
And now you have the opportunity to do the same and make a shipload of money doing it.
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