You Won’t Win The Lottery. But Here is Something Better

Every time the lottery cracks the $500 million mark people start going bonkers.
Despite the fact that everyone knows that the chances of winning are slimmer than piece of paper people still buy tickets in droves.
The chances of willing the current power ball lottery are 1 in 292 million.
But since that isn’t stopping people here is some perspective.
You have a better chance of the following happening to you than winning the lottery:
 Giving birth to quadruplets
 Being killed by an asteroid
 Being killed by lighting
 Drowning
 Being struck by lighting while drowning
(The chances of being struck by lighting while drowning is 1 in 183 million)

Night sky with lightning
So if this information is out all over the Internet then why do people still play the lottery?
Because everyone wants to believe that they can get rich without doing the work. That by some act of God the fortune of 12 lifetimes will just fall down into their lap.
People cannot accept that if they are going to be wealthy they are going to have to work.
And it’s all simply because no one wants to do hard work.
Sure someone might enjoy busting their ass for a day or two but no one wants to do it for a lifetime. But there is a way to make hard work much easier.
Make the reward to good to pass up.
If you are making thousands every time you log onto your computer then no matter what you have to do on their there is a good chance you are going to get it done.
And here is your chance to do exactly that.
Because members of MTTB make thousands of dollars every week while working anywhere they have Wi-Fi and a laptop.
(Yes that includes Fiji)
If that sounds like your type of job then you need to click below to learn more about MTTB.

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