Become Rich And Romantic

The romantic.
Not just a person who has all the right words and moves. But a person who believes. Believes in what?
That everything works out in the end. Or that no matter how the odds are stacked against them they will still find a way.
A romantic is a person who despite everything telling them that something is impossible still believes it is.

beat up and not give up.jpg
It makes sense then that most children are romantics even though they don’t know it.
But most adults are not.
So what happens along the way?
As a person grows up reality sets in and all those things they used to believe in start fading until you have a full-blown cynic.
Each time someone learns that people are not always kind or that being an adult means that they have more responsibilities than they ever imagined they are pushed away from their childhood ideas and more towards a harsh but realistic view of the world.
The death of a romantic is a slow but steady one.
Cue the sad music right?
Because you can still be the optimistic person you were before you had to deal with real life.
Real life is hard. And the harder it gets the more cynical you get.
One thing that definitely makes life easier is money. It’s not how you will find happiness but it sure can open the door and invite him in.
Money provides stability and the resources that are helpful in doing what you love. And now you have access to a system that is making more money than you can believe.
It’s called MTTB.
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And as a member of MTTB all you have to do is place ads.
And use your newfound time and money to become the romantic you used to be.
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