Get FREE Business Information

Fact: you actually DON’T need MTTB.
Everything you need to know to start your own business is out there on the internet.
And it’s FREE.
That’s right—you don’t have to pay for one word of it.
In free articles, blurbs on websites, blog posts, emails, books at the library… all stuff you can access for free… there’s more than enough information for you to start a business.
So why shouldn’t you just get out there and start Googling?
Well, maybe you should. But before you do, consider this:
It would take days, weeks, and maybe months to collect all of the needed information together.
To sift through all the irrelevant info, and compile the relevant stuff.
So yes, you COULD get it all for free… but you’d spend (at least) 50 hours tracking it all down.
And even then, you couldn’t be sure whether you got the RIGHT info until you tried it out—and so even AFTER 50 hours, you would only would be at the beginning of a long, painful process of trial and error.
Here’s an alternative:
Pay $49, and get access to all the information you need to start an online business.
It’s all there, and it’s all organized into a 21-step system.
Plus, you get a personal coach to walk you through the process.
Plus, you get:
-“done for you” products
-“done for you” customer service
-“done for you” payment processing
-access to “30-day traffic plan”
So not just the information, but the tools and team you need to actually RUN a business.
PLUS, if you go through the 21 steps, and haven’t made a high-ticket commission in 30 days… you get 10 times your money back. No joke. You get $500.
Remember, you COULD find the relevant info for “free,” by searching Googling, blog-hopping, and checking out books from the library…
But even if your time is only worth $10 an hour (I bet it’s worth a lot more), and IF you could find all the relevant info in 50 hours (it would probably take longer)…that means your “free” info would cost you $500, at least.
What sounds better?
$500 and a whole bunch of hassle, or $49 for a clean, simple system with all the tools you need to start your own business?
Go here for the $49 option:

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