Follow The Rules AND Be Free

Boundaries or no boundaries?
If you want to build a successful business, should you make lots of rules and regulations? Put constraints on your employees?
Or should you give them more freedom? Let them work on their own time, in their own way?
Here’s the problem:
Boundaries kill creativity.
When you make rules, it limits what people can do. As the rules pile up it creates the thick, inefficient layers of bureaucracy, which people have to wade through to get anything done. Employees lose motivation. Real results become secondary; procedural correctness and submission to rigid corporate policies becomes king.
And that’s never good. For the employee, or for the business.
But when you DON’T have boundaries, chaos ensues. You NEED deadlines, principles, and accountability. Or you won’t get anything done.
Rules kill productivity, and they’re also necessary for productivity.
Success in any area—building a business, living your personal life, acquiring a skill—depends on how well you can navigate this tricky issue.
Balancing freedom and constraint.
MTTB offers you the best of both worlds.
It gives you a 21 step system, so that you’re not thrown into the middle of the ocean and left to your own devices.
You’re given all the information you need to start generating traffic online, driving that traffic into MOBE’s high conversion sales funnels, and making big commissions.
But you get to implement the system in your OWN way, on your OWN time, from the place of your OWN choosing.
No one’s sitting over your shoulder making sure it gets done on their time frame or in their way, according to their stupid rules.
You don’t have to prove to someone else that you’re being “productive,” according to their shallow idea of what productivity looks like.
You can just focus on results.
Of course, those are only benefits for people who actively work through the system. MTTB won’t do you any good if you just read about it.
It only rewards those who act.
Go here if you’re ready to act:

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