Why Birthdays Aren’t The Same

Whether you are still in school, have been out for years, or never even went. There is one thing everyone can agree upon.
That during those first years of being on your own getting an envelope with money for a present was a breath of fresh air.
Remember when you didn’t want to straight up ask for money instead of a gift but if someone slide you some bills instead of a wrapped box then you leapt inside?
Everyone thinks of the broke college kid or graduate who is struggling to handle all their new responsibilities as a symbol for being young and broke. But really anyone who leaves the nest for the first time is going to struggle with money.
And that’s why young people look forward to their birthdays and Christmas.
Because they know there is a chance they will get some extra dough.
But as everyone learns that doesn’t last forever.
Sure. You might get a Christmas bonus but that’s it. Other than that there is no financial help coming out of the blue.
No cards to not read as you look for money inside. No hope that your aunts and uncles who don’t know what to get you will take the easy route and throw you some cash.It sucks to grow up.
Because as you get older and further away from the age when people expect you to be broke more and more is expected of you.
When that guy you went to school with buys a house and you are still renting a one bedroom or your best girlfriend is sending her kids to a private school while you couldn’t fathom being responsible for another human you will fell the pressure.
And those cards with money disappearing is the first step towards it.
Here’s the good news though.
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