Why Zombies Can Make You A Fortune

Zombie Apocalypse! Nations collapsing! Dead rising!
The end of the civilized world through zombies fascinates people. We can’t get enough zombie books, films, comics.
You name it. It has a zombie version.
That’s why the Book World War Z was such a hit. Because it took all to usual zombie
story clichés and applied them to the modern world like no one had before.
World War Z is unlike anything else because it examines how people across the world
would react to a zombie crisis based on their cultural upbringing and human nature.
So when a movie came out based on the book people were excited out of their minds.
But as the movie played longer and longer people grew more disappointed until by the
end credits people were disgusted.
If they sit through the whole thing.
Because the film World War Z was completely different than the book.
For starters the book has no main character. The film has a hero main character who goes on a mission never mentioned or needed in the book. The book examines different cultures and how humans as a whole respond to crisis. The film has a guy save the world.
Finally. The film doesn’t even have zombies. They don’t eat people they just infect them.
So people were infuriated by the film. But only if they read the book.
In general the film was received well and there is a sequel in the works now.
Because the film follows a system that has been making Hollywood money for years. It’s a system that most major films follow.
The reluctant hero goes on a quest to save the world.
It sounds simple but it’s making Hollywood billion’s of dollars right now.
Just look at Star Wars.
MTTB is a system that makes money just as surely as Hollywood does because as long as
people are getting on the internet MTTB will be making money.
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working from home.
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