The Quite Life Of The Poor Man

Henry David Thoreau’s Walden and Civil Disobedience is a dense book. But within the first few pages there are lines that have more meaning and impact than most books.
For example, “The mass of men lead lives of quite desperation.”
What the hell does that mean though? Here’s another line that might give some context for you.
“Some of you, we all know, are poor, find it hard to live, are sometimes, as it were
gasping for breath.”
It’s dramatic but true. Because there is nothing quite like being broke.
Desperation. Gasping for air. Both spot on ways to describe what its like to live paycheck to paycheck.
And even if you are not living paycheck to paycheck. Not having enough money to live comfortably is no way to live.
If you are crossing your fingers hoping that your engine doesn’t blow out or that your kid doesn’t have an ear infection because you have no way to pay for it then you are living the quite desperation that Thoreau was talking about.
You don’t have to be poor to be gasping for breath either. If it feels like a punch in the gut when your bills come in the mail or if you scramble every month to pay your rent or mortgage then you are gasping for breath.
And while money will not fix all your problems it can at least solve some of them and
hand you the stability to work on your other problems.
That’s why this email is so important.
Because it a chance for you to get your head above the water.
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