The Best Way To Break A World Record?

While you may not care much about the world of pole-vaulting you might want to
listen up Because if you do you will discover a way to earn thousands every week while leaving behind your desk and working from your laptop.
But how will you learn that from pole vaulting?
Look no further than Sergey Bubka.
Bubka was the best pole-vaulter in the last half of the 20th century. But he had a
He was so dominant that no sponsors would offer him bonuses based on wins
because he simply won too much.
Then Nike came along and gave him a different kind of offer.
Nike told Bubka that they would give him bonuses only for breaking world records.
Bubka accepted and it seemed like an equal agreement.
But they didn’t know that Bubka was rubbing his hands together and smiling.
Because he had a plan.
Between 1991 and 1993 Bubka broke his own world record 14 times. Every time
only pushing the bar up one more centimeter.
He was so talented that he was able to break world records when and how he
wanted. Making sure that he would get the most money out of each run as possible.
Don’t worry you are not going to have to learn Bubka’s technique and become a pole
vaulting world champion.
All you need to learn is the value of a unique approach.
See Bubka faced the problem of being so good that no one would pay him any more.
So what did he do?
He made sure that each world record was going to be a big paycheck and then broke as many world records as possible.
No one else would of thought of that. And that’s why Bubka is not only a pole
vaulting great but also living the good life.
Now you can approach making money in a way that is just as unique and successful.
It’s called MTTB and it’s a tested and proven system that will earn you thousands
every week.
To learn more about MTTB click below.

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