Be Original. Make A Fortune

It can be daunting looking for a book in a bookstore.
There are books from the floor to the ceiling. All in different sections. Sorted by the authors last name.
If that’s how the bookstore chooses to sort their books. Some stores don’t even sort at all.
It’s a free for all.

But the point of this email isn’t to complain about bookstores. It’s to tell you how you can make a fortune working from your computer.
And the answer is in a small bookstore in Tokyo.
If you walked into the Morioka Shoten bookstore in Tokyo then you would notice something that makes it different than any other bookstore in the world.
There is only one book for sale.
Every week there is a new book and the shop is set up so that you can learn everything there is to know about the book.
For example. If there was a book about flowers then the shop would have flowers in the book set up around it. The author of the book that is for sale is encouraged to be in the shop as much as possible too.
It’s a one of a kind experience.
And it’s working. The owner says he has sold over 2,000 books and has had customers come from all over the world.
Not bad for only selling one book at a time.


And it’s all because Morioka Shoten took a unique approach to something that people have been doing the same forever.
People have been making money the same way forever too.
By working at an office. Making enough to survive but not really live. And never thinking about a different way of making a living.
And now you can take a unique approach to making money.
MTTB is an online system that allows people to make money while working from their own computer anywhere they want.
Serious money.
As in thousands every week.
To learn more how you can make money like no one else click below to learn more about MTTB.

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