Ice Cream, Your Flaws, And You Fortune

“Man cannot remake himself without suffering for he is both the marble and the sculptor.” Alexis Carrel
Is Alexis Carrel’s quote a downer?
Is it true?
If you are a human being then you have been unhappy with yourself at one time or another.
Because no one is perfect and everyone has flaws.
But you hear that all time.
What they don’t tell you is that those flaws are a part of you. And cutting a part of you away hurts.
Let’s say that when you were younger you liked ice cream. No. You didn’t like ice cream you loved it.
You ate as much of as you could get your hands on and loved every flavor so much that you could never choose a favorite.
But then you grew up.
And adults can’t eat ice cream everyday. Not because it’s childish but because the adult body physically can’t handle it without harmful health side-effects.
And you’ve got a choice.
You can cut back on ice cream and give up one of your favorite things or you can have a heart attack.
And that’s why remaking yourself is painful. Because we like our flaws. Why else would we keep them around for so long?
That’s the bad news.
But here’s the good news…
There is a way to make cutting away those flaws easier.
Maybe you’d rather watch Netflix all day than work. If you had a job that made you thousands every week wouldn’t it be easier to get off the couch?
Maybe you don’t trust anyone. Wouldn’t a guarantee that says if you don’t make money within thirty days of finishing your training you will get your money back times 10 help be more trustful? (That’s $500 by the way)
MTTB is an online system that promises that and more. To see if MTTB can make cutting away one of your flaws easier click below.

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