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The morning after the fire died down all the merchants gathered and looked at what was left of their stores. After seeing that everything they had worked to build was destroyed they went into a meeting and decided that they would move to a more promising part of the country.
Except for one man.
As the other merchants walked away with their tales between their legs Marshall Field told them that he would build the greatest store the world had seen on the exact spot.
No matter how many times it burnt down.
Marshall went on to create Marshall Field and Company. A department store that was renowned for it’s quality products and service. He also created a fortune estimated to be $125 million in 1905 dollars and co-founded the University of Chicago.
Why does Marshall field concern you though?
There are not many people like Marshall Field. Because not many people have the
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Matt Lloyd founded and used the MTTB system to earn himself $51,373,000 over 5
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