Henry grew up on a pig farm in central Minnesota.  He watched his family struggle for every penny.  He decided at a very young age that this was not going to be his fate.  He was going to be a Millionaire and never have to struggle.   He tried Amway, he owned his own apartment building at 18, and he took care of disabled adults in his home.

His work ethic drove him to put huge effort into everything he did.  He had the drive but something was missing…

Hollie grew up in business in central Minnesota.  She was the daughter of a business minded couple that ran an excavating company.  The only problem was her dad worked at the business during the day and then went to a J.O.B. at night.  She had very little time with her dad.  She knew that was no way to run a business.  No time for family always driven for the business.

Hollie learned the value of time and learned how to work.  She worked the family business 6 to 7 days a week as she was growing up.  She learned a great work ethic and pours herself into everything she does.

Henry and Hollie met in 1998 and married in 2000.  They tried so many things to gain that freedom that they both dreamt about.

Henry and Hollie came from different backgrounds but together they make a force unlike any other.   They have the drive to make their financial freedom a reality

Over the years they tried many different things to help them gain their financial freedom (selling knives, selling vacuum cleaners, selling food products).  They struggled to find the right vehicle for their dreams. Until now….

Follow them as they reveal the vehicle that is driving them to their financial freedom.